We’ve Gone Virtual!

28th March

“In change there is always opportunity,

learning to adapt in a changing world.”

Lindsay Steele

It was with a massively heavy heart we had to close on Friday 20th March following government guidelines. We know how important our classes, bootcamp and personal training session are to our clients however, so the show must go on!

We now offer all our services virtually!

Baby Massage

Baby Yoga


Pre and Post natal bootcamp

Live One to One Personal Training

Pre recorded individualised coaching

Fitness Programming

What does it all involve?

If you are a new client, firstly we do a full consultation, which can be done via FaceTime, or via an online health screening. This helps me get to know you, your lifestyle and most importantly your aspirations. If you are joining the baby classes, you will simply be sent an online registration form, but you are more than welcome to request tot talk to me over FaceTime too.

I will talk through the full process of what we do for whichever option you choose. For virtual classes its really easy, you just follow the options below. One I am online and ready for the class to start, you will be sent a link via email, which will open the session for you.

Bootcamp is suitable for absolutely anyone, wether you have exercised before or not. We use a combination of body weight strengthening exercises, cardiovascular and high intensity exercise, as well as warm ups, mobilisations, and cool down.

Our baby classes are a great way for you to learn practical tools to help soothe your baby, and aid in their overall development. Also a good opportunity to meet with other mums, and have some social time together. Our class days and times have changed slightly while we are virtual.

Check out our baby class tasters!

Check out our baby yoga taster!
Check out our baby massage taster!

As always, if you want to know anything at all, or if you want to book on anything, please get in touch!


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