The stereotypical idea of personal training is gone at House of Holistics. We do everything coached and with an intention in mind, nothing we offer is generic. While its easier and often cheeper to join a fitness class, or do a basic online program, these are always generic, and perhaps not tailored around your goal, and actually may give you no progressions. They may even cause disfunction within the body if neuromuscular efficiency isn’t evident. Our coached approach ensures all movements and exercise are correct for your body and your goal, building correct neurological pathways, an near muscular efficiency. We strongly focus on posture and position, ensuring muscles of the body are in proper alignment. This allows for proper joint motion, ensuring effective absorption and distribution of forces through the human movement system, which ultimately alleviates excess stress on joints, and therefore reducing the risk of injury, but also ensuring full ranges of movement are gained for the best results.

Our studio is private, motivating, uplifting and carefully designed to offer a whole body approach. During your 1-1 session it’s just you and your coach, whilst if you prefer to enjoy group personal training, you are teamed up with a small group of like minded individuals. We can even offer outdoor sessions if you require, and you can even create your own team with your friends! We make your experience whatever you desire it to be.

Education for our trainers is paramount to ensure we can always offer you the best, and so we can work with as many people as possible. Lindsay is able to work with pre and post natal clients, ensuring a healthy and happy pregnancy, labour and post birth, this service is tailored entirely to your bodies needs during pregnancy, and is even suitable for those who haven’t exercised before subject to detailed consultation. Lindsay is also qualified to work with clients on a GP referral scheme, which covers a range of health conditions from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression and generalised low back pain. Health is very important to us all at House of Holistics.

If you need a push to reach a weight loss goal, be healthier, happier or even just fitter, this is the ideal place for you to start, continue or enhance your journey.

If you love to work out in a group check our bootcamp session out which are ran by Lindsay. We hope for our latest bootcamp to begin on 1st June, either virtually or in the centre. All bootcamp groups are restricted for the next intake to 4 people per class, so we can pre anticipate social distancing measures which will need to be in place.

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Meet our trainers

Lindsay Steele

Lindsay Steele

Owner, Personal Trainer, Holistic Therapist

I’m Lindsay, the owner of House of Holistics, and personal trainer, holistic therapist, and general crazy cat lady!

I opened House of Holistics to offer a bespoke service to enhance the lifestyle and wellbeing of everyone who visits us. I’m so proud of what we have here, and it is my dream to share it with everyone.

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Jonny Simpson

Personal Trainer

I’m fun, friendly and very understanding of all your wants, goals and needs.  My own health condition inspired me into the fitness industry, what started out as a way to combat cystic fibrosis opened up many doors, I began working in different sectors of the fitness industry including modelling, supplement companies, marketing, then onto House of Holistics and online coaching.

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Jonny Simpson