April Newsletter

1st May

What a fabulous virtual month, and leading us to our second birthday on 1st May, which we cant wait to celebrate in the near future!

Im an absolute technophobe, so the fact I now have to work fully online, I’m truly embracing all the opportunities to learn, which is of course not only great for business development but self development too, which is really important to me.

What I’ve been learning….

Whilst my work load has decreased it seemed the perfect opportunity to delve into some ups killing, and I absolutely love learning something new. As an addition to the baby classes we already run, I have added a “baby bloom” class to our time table, which is designed as an exploration for babies senses using touch, sight, and sound. I incorporate baby yoga, over the clothes baby massage, songs, rhymes, stories, sensory play, sign language and fun themes to all of our classes. Together with this I have picked back up on learning sign language which I did in my teens (many years ago!).

premier global and NASM are two of the highest regarded training providers in the industry

As more consideration was taken on how I wanted to up skill, and further develop the offering of House of Holistics, it made sense to bridge the gap between the toddler classes I offer, and the adult sessions, leading me to a “youth exercise specialist”. I really cant wait to complete this qualification and get the classes up and running, it’s going to be so much fun! I really do believe that the younger children begin considering their health and wellbeing, it will further reflect through teens and adult hood. Building a long term pattern of exercise only sees benefits for any single person.

Our classes update

Since closing on 20th March, we took all our classes and sessions online, which was a challenge in itself! I’m pleased to finally launch our new timetable which will begin when the government instruct we can safely re open, with whatever restrictions in place we must observe. I’m truly hoping this will be for the 1st June. Baring in mind there is likely to be some social distancing procedures still in place, all our group classes will be restricted to 4 people for as long as we are required to.

“Those who move forwards with a happy spirit will find that things will always work out.”

Gordon B Hunckley

Take a look at our time table below which shows all our classes, please also note all classes and session are now 45 minutes long, leaving 15 minutes in between to clean, tidy and sanitise where appropriate, and to ensure a minimal passing of guests. I am currently taking on no more 1-1 clients, though if you are interested in these please fill out the contact form, and we will discuss placing you onto a waiting list. I do have options for online and virtual personal training ideal for those who are unable to travel, attend a normal gym, or those who still choose to social distance once restriction have been lifted.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported House of Holistics during this super tough time, we can’t wait to see you all in real life very soon!

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