During pregnancy, the body goes through a huge number of physiological and psychological changes, as the Holborne balance alters. Did you know you can exercise right through pregnancy, helping hormone balance, reducing sickness, helping to disperse fluids, enabling correct movement, retaining strength and contributing to an overall better pregnancy and easier labour. So get moving! (Correctly for course!)



Suitable for both pre and post natal ladies, as the whole class can be adapted according to who is in the group. We work on retaining, or improving strength, balance, mobility and core control. The group is small, ensuring I can correctly coach, and maintain a high level of concentration with everyone. If you attend as post natal, bring your baby too, and the option is there to include them in the session, or without them. If you have exercised pre pregnancy you can join in right away, if you are new to exercising you must be beyond 12 weeks, you can continue right through your pregnancy until mobility becomes too difficult. After pregnancy you must have had your 6-8 week check up. The class is 60 minutes in duration.

BUGGY BOOTCAMP - coming back summer 2021!

Let’s get outside, and get moving!
A great way to start exercising after your baby is here, and a fun way to enjoy time with other mummies and babies. We walk, jog, laugh and stop every so often to do some gentle exercises, mobilisations, balance work, and gentle strengthening. You must have had your 6-8 week check up to join in the group. The class is 60 minutes in duration, ending in refreshments and social time at a chosen location for those who choose to.


Gentle stretches and mobilisations combined with smooth movements, used for both mother and baby, and great for building a long term pattern of exercise. We use a combination of yoga, breathing techniques, songs, rhymes and sensory play, to give a really fun session. Babies must have had the 6-8 week check up, and it is suitable for up to crawling.

TODDLER YOGA - coming back January 2021

Through story telling based around a theme each week, we explore yoga positions in a fun and creative way. Children learn balance, co ordination, build strength, learn how to carry out tasks, and respond to given information. A great way to build self awareness, and awareness of the body. We use breathing techniques, mantras, affirmations, and relaxation techniques to create a fun yet calm class. Suitable from walking to 5th birthday.


Learn lots of practical tools to soothe and calm your baby. Massage will aid in development of body and mind, and well as help with co ordination, promote relaxation, and generally calm a fussy baby. It’s a great tool to help with bonding of your baby, and encouraging positive touch. Babies first language is that of touch, so it’s a fab way to learn to communicate. We use songs, rhymes and sensory play in the class to keep it fun and interactive. Babies must have had the 6-8 week check up, and it is suitable for up to crawling age.


If you have exercised before you can begin with pre natal sessions straight away, if not, you must be beyond 12 week. During pre natal sessions we work on maintaining strength, posture, core control and mobility, ensuring a fit and healthy pregnancy doing correct exercise. Post natal sessions can be goal related, and may generally involve starting to move again, regaining core and pelvic floor control, and re building strength.

40 minutes £27

60 minutes £42


Pregnancy massage is perfect for mums to be to have some time to themselves before the little one is welcomed into the world. The treatment is great for reducing aches and pains, lowering blood pressure and dispersing of fluid retention. The treatment is tailored specifically to each guest based on their comfort level, needs, and desires.

60 minutes £42

90 minutes £56


You can join any class for £5, just let us know. (Please note you can only try each class once)

Take a look at our timetable to see our classes, and please enquire to book your space or for any 1-1 or massage availability.

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